Gaining Momentum


As we are only 1 week from the start, the momentum is really picking up! The media is getting enthusiastic, businesses & leaders are supporting & sponsoring, other cities and their locals are reaching out to be a part of the adventure… very exciting indeed.

A few updates:

I’ve been provided a Garmin Edge 1000 GPS unit & added a Live Track tab so you can see where I’m at in real time. This will be activated when the trip begins.

The auction for the bicycle has quickly jumped up to over $1100. Still a bargain for that bike but I’d love to see some big bidders. (It’s for a good cause, people!)

I’ve added a tab for readers to submit suggestions for future adventures and challenges. So far a few submissions came in, (1 really good idea) and I’ll expand that section soon.

I also ordered a keyboard for my iPad mini so I can more easily write and maintain this site from the road. I’ll be adding stories each day and would really appreciate you sharing the ones you like.

Thank you for your continued support! Please let me know if you or anyone you know would like to sponsor. I’d love to have a really big number on a really big check to present to Friends of Volusia Trails in support of their great service after this long ride.