The Extent of my Training


This morning, my wife Alicia & I had the opportunity to ride in an event out of Lake Mary. All of the 3 routes went through DeBary and it seemed like a great opportunity to test out the gear. Being the first time on a bike in years, it felt pretty good, although much of that can be attributed to the awesome package JC’s Bike Shop set up for me.

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The pace was a little slow as we made it into the first stop near Lake Monroe. The established route went though Enterprise on a narrow windy road with no shoulders before turning around and coming back over a lot of the same track… one of those rare instances where something is both Dangerous & Boring.

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We decided to blaze our own trail. Taking advantage of the Spring to Spring trail through Osteen, we traveled to 415, looped around Lake Monroe, and took advantage of a short little trail in “Historic Goldsboro” in the heart of Sanford. It ended up being a total of 34.8 miles.

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Maxim: Riding in groups is not my bag. Being naturally competitive, it’s difficult to not spend the entire time racing, there’s too much opportunity for wrecking, and it gives the distinct impression of sheep in a herd. More importantly, it’s far more adventurous and experiential to take the uncharted course. (Surprisingly easy with the Garmin Edge 1000)


The weather was absolutely perfect and the view over the marshes of the St. Johns river was awesome. To see the depth, colors, and harmony has a way of calming the mind. The trails through Osteen, including the bridge over 415 and the incomplete (but usable) underpass by the river are outstanding. There was some nimby-ism controversy in the installation of these assets as there is with all progress, but I saw at least 100 men, women, kids, & families enjoying this safe passage through the outdoors just in the 30 minutes I traveled it and am thankful the County made the decision to proceed.

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So my legs are sore and I was pretty tired but I’m optimistic about my ability to make the big journey on Thursday. I’m also very proud of Alicia for pushing through the entire jaunt today like a champ. I discovered several convenience issues and plan to make modifications over the next couple days, order a few of special order items, and come up with a name for the bike. Have you bid on it yet?

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