A Day of “Preparation”


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I’ve had a cavity on a top molar that I wanted to get taken care of before embarking so I went to see Dr. Montz at River City Dentistry. A little drilling revealed that the decay had spread deeper than anticipated and I’d need a root canal. The office worked diligently with the Endodontist Dr. Lipkin and was able to get everything done today. Albeit 7 hours expended, it was a surprisingly pleasant experience and I’d highly recommend both offices.

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MAXIM: A correct perspective that will bring the highest aggregate happiness is to realize many problems can be overlooked and probably should be while certain others demand more immediate attention. In life, teeth & taxes are the latter.


I also picked up my vest from Kimi Embroidery and was able to get in one last short test ride to make sure the final adjustments were up to par and there would be no obvious surprises. I am getting just a touch nervous but have made sure to tell so many people about the trip that surrender is not an option.

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As an aside, now that I’m cash poor anyway I’ve been thinking… Does anyone want to make a friendly wager for charity challenging me to make it to the finish line on time but with no money or means of getting money.
(That would mean outside of the stuff I have packed, having to meet and find someone on the road to offer food, fill the water jugs, charge my devices, etc)


1 more day in town then it’s time to ride!

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